Project by: Baber Baig, Eszter Nagy, Leonardo Peñaranda & Inna Soboleva.

What if food production became digital and networked? How would digitally designed food look like?
The project describes a possible scenario of the food vending industry being based on 3D printing. 3D food printers would replace standard vending machines to provide the perfect food: fresh, made on demand and tailor-made for individual nutrition needs. Flexible touch-screens would display different options, varieties of ingredients, nutritional values and shapes to choose from. The user’s personal information would be accessed to compose the perfect menu. This desirable scenario only has one flaw: Any system that is based on digital technology can be hacked, invaded and altered…

What happened if food was hacked?
We imagine the virus to result into a deformation of the standard vending food, its shapes, ingredients and colors would be recomposed. The final product would be totally repulsive.

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