Not About Gender

Project by Christine Wilderman, Raphael Freire, Bárbara Niño and Claudia Núñez under professor Uwe Gellert and Petra Müller-Csernetzky.


As a society, we tend to classify everything that surrounds us. There is a collective mindset that differentiates “female“ and “male“ attributes. Since we are born, we are expected to fit into roles related to that division through every aspect of our lives. As a consequence, very strong rules are imposed and the freedom of action is influenced, leading to the development of gender stereotypes, which usually carry negative attributes.


In order to open the discussion about the topic, this project consisted in the development of a card game named “Not About Gender“. The game presents the gender stereotype subject with a humorous approach. The goal of the game was to make people aware of their own stereotyped ideas by mixing stereotyped gender roles. The game dynamic plays with people’s perception to trigger reflection about their values.


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