Obitus B

Project by Juan Pablo García Pulido.

Death even though natural and quotidian has become a taboo. Probably its status as the biggest transitive human challenge makes it be surrounded of an aura of fear and anxiety. The current situation leads the population to keep as much distance to this phenomenon as possible, making it even more difficult to assimilate.
Obitus B is an item that leads the individual to keep in mind mortality and encourages to take action to prepare. The bundle consists of a box containing 3 items:
– A coal ring that is to be worn until it breaks, providing a detachment related exercise.
– A plastic ring that can be worn after the coal ring breaks, to keep it as a constant reminder that prompts reflection on the subject ultimately allowing a regular basis meditation to overcome such difficult moment.
– A booklet that contains a collection of reflections concerning death, all common sense based devoided of any supernatural dimension, which makes them appropriate to people of all creeds.

This effort aims to bring our society close to such important moment of transition in life.

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