Project by Hazar Marji.

The purpose of this booklet meditation is to irritate your sight senses by perceiving texts, colours and images. Moreover, to help to raise the connection between the phenomenon and our inner emotions driven from one’s circumstances.

Flipping through different filters will give a better understanding for the illusions that our minds make for what we see, which on the other side helps to feel the empathy for people suffering from vision problem such as colour-blindness. Furthermore, this therapy goes by breaking the wall of the emotional aspect and revealing the real suffer. A different paper effect combined with various filter techniques will enable the patient to be in an empathy situation, removing the gaping of explaining and sharing our perception.

The reason of this meditation is to feel the suffering that people with color blindness have while dealing with everyday situations and the confusion they have to distinguish colors, trying to affect the idea we have concerning the vision sense and its relationship with our inner perspective. This therapy is always used to open our minds to have another perspective of life.

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