POINT. Filmfest

Project by Renata Kuramshina, Natalia Lazarashvili & Inna Soboleva.

The POINT. Filmfest is a short online movie festival about the Post-Soviet Union area that is aimed to represent the similarity between countries which still have a connection besides ages of independence during the last time. These countries have personal strong features of culture despite having the trace of the Soviet structure. The union was balanced by positive and negative sides, having a noticeable reflexion nowadays.

Our point is to represent this cultural background from the inside to the outside world, to ruin the stereotypes and to start to discuss common problems in a personalized way.

The project is based on the association of Soviet Republics and particular points like the units which built the Soviet Union or how the circle was its symbol.

POINT. Filmfest‘s main criterias:
• Duration: From 5 to 120 seconds.
• Silent film, although means of expression like ambient sounds and music are allowed.
• The film should be presented in high-quality.
• The means of expression, scenario and design depend entirely on the author.
• Advertising is not allowed in the film.
• No limitation on the age of participants.

The Website of the Filmfest is also available here.

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