Project by Sam Sanchez under Prof. Uwe Gellert, with additional supervision from Dipl. -Ing. Klaus Pollmeier


What the mind perceives is not what reality always conceives. Judging the final look of a photograph can make or break it, and for film photographers this is even more critical due to the limited amount of shots. Equipment and principles can help assess a scene, but what they need is a tool to combine their mental picture and their camera’s physical information to make sound judgment that creates the best photographs.

Helping bring the beauty of film photography into the digital age, Previz just does that. It is a handy mobile app that lets medium and large format black-and-white film photographers record their camera and film metadata and create previsualizations in order to better set their gear for the perfect shot.

Previz is more than just app that combines analog and digital; it is a tool for creative freedom that reveals the beauty in film photography.

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