Reformation Crossmedia: Spatial Relations

Projects by Macarena ÁlamosOmer Asim, Liana Lessa, Qinyu Li & Aaron Roselo.

The ‘Reformation Crossmedia’ project is a collaborative studio effort by the 2015 Summer Semester classes from different design disciplines.

In the 2D spatial relations studio class led by Professor Severin Wucher, students were asked to create art installation project pitches for Lutherstadt Wittenberg’s Reformation Jubilee celebrations in 2017.

Students were assigned to create various installation concepts, scale models and feasibility studies. All of the projects revolve around the theme of ‘What does reformation mean in your daily life’. We took into account various key aspects of the Lutheran reformation such as purgatorial fire, and modern reinterpretations of indulgences.

The installation concepts intend to serve video projects from the Film Expertise class, with a series of films that represent themes of Purgatory, Indulgences, Modern Reformation and Consequences in Daily Life.

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