Project by Mohammad Al-Deek, Yifan Liu & Ahmad Mansee.

During the Studio which topic was The Future of Travel, we decided to create a concept that had to do with a new service company of space elevators to the moon and beyond. We are that company.

Spaceline is the merger of Expedia, NASA and Hilton Worldwide that in common collaboration, are working on an exceptional mission. Starting in 2035, we will provide an all-in-space travel service that will make space tourism possible and affordable for nearly everyone. We are the only company to offer the thrill of travelling to our natural satellite and in a not so far future, to the red planet.

Space elevators are the most promising Space Transportation Systems (STS) on the drawing boards, combining scalability, low cost, quality of ride, and safety to deliver truly space access – practically comparable to a train ride to space. The space elevator will be powered by a combination of sunlight and laser light projected from the ground. Mind-blowing views will be the characteristic of all our living units. Luxuriously equipped, they shall allow personal withdrawals in the silence of infinity. In our common areas, we want to offer expert talks with experienced astronauts as well as first class space–meals. Excursions to outer space make our service complete: The moon is full of cozy and extreme experiences brought by the most unthinkable places. Going around on it is something that will definitely leave a lot of tales to tell our grandchildren.

To make this dream come true, we are looking for a variety of supporters. If you want to be among the first ones that enable space travel for everybody, join our team and look out for the job descriptions on our website.

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