Project by: Renata Kuramshina & Carolina Woortmann.

A man would not need to eat to be satisfied – he needs mostly nothing more than the emotions and feelings that he receives from food and its rituals. Our desire to eat is more of a psychological dependence.

The pleasure of eating food depends on our mechanisms of perception with the traditional classification of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Each of the five senses consists of interactions between organs with specialized cellular structures that have receptors for specific stimuli. These cells have links to the nervous system and thus to the hypothalamus.

A restraint on physical hunger depends sometimes on the accurate impacts of certain receptors (blinding the sight – to concentrate on the “food” experience, providing the right smell, stimulating the bitter, sour, sweet or salt-tasting areas on the tongue, putting on supporting music and stimulating the spot on the hand that is linked with the hypothalamus). In consequence, such food simulation is purely ritualistic, we avoid ingesting extra calories, chemicals and finally the possibility of becoming obese while still retaining a very personal and highly pleasurable experience of eating food.

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