The Architect as an Integrator

Project by Passakorn Chantanakorn.

We all know the Architect as a creator. A person who integrated nature and human beings by creating a house, the smallest scale of the community which is the starting point of everything. Since human beings learned how to create their own houses, we moved out from caves and then created our own community. We combined houses as villages, towns, cities, countries, continents that later became the world we know.

Therefore, it is quite clear to say that an Architect is a creator, who creates the whole world. In order to do that, the Architect has to integrate knowledge and disciplines together. Then comes a very interesting question: “How does Architect integrate?”

The book The Architect as an Integrator aims to answer this question by showing the history of the profession and an idea of integration. Not only does it give an overview of the architectural design process, but an impact of the integration power of the Architect.

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