The Bauhaus Stage

Project by Passakorn Chantanakorn.

What is the Bauhaus Stage? It is quite normal to raise this question at the begining of this essay. Bauhaus is known both for its art and architecture style, which was the starting point of modernism, and as well for being a successful design school which was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany. But unfortunately, not many people know that the most powerful idea and method behind Bauhaus’s invention was located at the Bauhaus Stage.

This book devided into 3 parts. Each part starts with different questions, from “What is the bauhaus stage ?”, “Why the bauhaus stage ?” to “How is the bauhaus stage?”.
In the first part, a comparision between Bauhaus theater and Anhaltisches theater (the theater of Dessau) is made. Then, the second part leads the readers to gain more comprehension of the purpose of the Bauhaus Stage and the Bauhaus preliminary course. And finally, in the last part, readers can find out what happened on the Bauhaus Stage and its most important points: motions, motorics and mechanics.

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