The Cult of 6LA8/International Smiles

Project by Aaron Roselo

As the sole International student in the Foto-Expertise class, I’ve had a challenging but fruitful time with Professor Pollmeier. In the photography expertise class, we were given the freedom to choose the themes for our final projects, with two basic requirements: One project should be done in-studio, and the other one should be done in an outdoor setting.

With my two projects, I wanted to utilize the unusual Bokeh (depth of field) of a vintage lens I bought from Manila. After a few proposals, my project progressed into two indirect contrasts – light and dark. For the first project “International Smiles”, I thought of creating a bright atmosphere that represents the various international faces from my semester class. The second project “The Cult of 6LA8” is a darker, moodier studio shoot that was meant to double as a magazine editorial. As you would notice, both projects have heavy elements of the ‘swirling bokeh’ effect created by this analogue lens on a digital mirrorless body.


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