Typography Expertise: Let it Grow!

Project by Macarena Álamos, Omer AsimVerónica RiveraAaron Roselo & Livins Varghese. Photos by Prof. Gerald Christ & Aaron Roselo

Back in June 2015, students from the MAID and the MA program had a hands-on workshop creating their own fully functional typefaces. The workshop was held during the compact expertise week, to which students were given the choice of taking micro-expertise classes. Our workshop was held by Professor Gerald Christ together with his colleague, Andre Leonhardt.

Students were asked to do preliminary research on the project’s theme, “Let it Grow”. The typefaces to be done during the workshop had a simple premise – represent all kinds of growth. Most, if not all of us had little experience with creating fonts and typefaces, and this workshop was a great introduction for designers in different fields to dabble in creating our first typeface.

A multitude of various ‘growth’ themes eventually resulted in amazing typefaces – from typefaces inspired by elemental aspects (plants, water/river patterns/floral growths) and expanding to further themes such as metamorphosis and architectural growth. The class was given brief, yet concise tutorials on various typeface creation programs such as Glyphs and Adobe Font Maker.

Our two professors, Prof. Christ and Mr. Andre also strengthened the impact of creating initial sketches by hand, rather than directly creating the typefaces on a digital workstation. It’s been an amazing week and has been an eye-opener for all of us to explore the world of typography further beyond the workshops.


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