UDI, The Air Guardian


Project by Jessica Luque, Betari Ratrianto and Latika Nehra under Profs. Uwe Gellert and Carmen Luippold

It’s the little things that truly matter!

Kids are the future of our world and the lessons they learn in their childhood they take with themselves into adulthood. Its is important to educate and incept a sense of responsibility in them towards the environment. They should not only read about environmental problems through textbooks, they must experience them to act better.

Unfortunately, little children have less control over air pollution because it is not very visible like other environmental problems. We want to make this problem more visible through a product so that one feels compelled to change it. A product that empower little children to make a difference in their own little ways.

Meet UDI, the air guardian for kids and their first step towards dealing with air pollution. UDI is an air-sensor drone and its flight determines the quality of air around the user. To make UDI fly better the user has to take certain actions in an interactive way so as to improve the air quality around them. Through UDI, we hope to change the attitude of children towards air pollution. We want to make them aware about the crisis and also empower them to make a difference in a playful way.


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