What a wonderful would

Project by: Zahra Beigi, Ivana Bojovic, Olga Michel Chico & Gustavo Neiva.

The idea of this project was to visualize a song using type. The feeling of the song, the melody, and the lyrics had to be reflected in the final result. The song we chose was What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and we decided to visualize in the following way:

Font: Today – The font is easy to read but at the same time is playful and friendly since it has some special details and lines.
Composition: By playing with a centered composition we made reference to the melody of the song creating white spaces in the sides.
Color: White was the most appropriate since the song is slow and nostalgic.
Format: We decided to use a big format by sticking the composition on a window. This way we also made reference to the lyrics of the song and how it talks about observing the world probably from indoors to an outdoors space.

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