Workshop: Hello Dessau!

Photos by Aaron Roselo

On 11-13th June 2015, a graphic design workshop by HS Anhalt alumnus Alexander Lech and Claudia Trautmann has been held at the VorOrt Haus in Dessau. Visiting students from the THEi University in Hong Kong, together with students from the MAID program had a three-day immersion in exploring the city of Dessau. The final project was an organic ‘Zine’, creating a non-traditional approach to creating a magazine in such a short period of time.

The project’s basic premise was that the students from Hong Kong who had little to no knowledge about Dessau would travel around town and create visual work that revolves around the theme “Hello Dessau!”.  Various documentation such as taking photos, little objects such as leaves and flowers as well as vocal interviews were encouraged. The students’ first impressions of the city were represented in a multitude of forms, from information graphics to photo collages.

The students were also immersed into the creative culture of the VorOrt Haus. A community perspective such as helping clean the dishes and help create delectable meals in-between the project times has been facilitated.

The students were split into different groups, each of them creating a variety of 2-page magazine spreads:

Nico and Freda: A place with a lot of possibilities
Aaron & Kiki: Tierpark
Ball and Joyce: Farbe
Tiffany & Roberta: The Story Behind
Eddie and Malvin: Dessau is a Big Child

After creation of the final materials, an exhibition of the works has been displayed at the VorOrt Haus, as well art exhibition at the VorOrt-Laden.



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