Project by Achmad Razzaq.

Woshe is a product in form of bag that sanitizes your body to avoid the struggle with hot-humid environments. It is convenient for daily use and suitable for commuting. Attach Woshe to any bag strap, feel confident that you have tools to clean up yourself anytime… And ready to go! Woshe is a cure for people who have high mobility. Take one tissue bag and use it for the whole week.

The idea came from that daily life problem which is very familiar to most of us… humidity that makes us be oversweaty and sometimes producing unpleasant smells that makes people uncomfortable. It was reinforced by watching people’s habits while having activities such as going to work or on vacation, and their reaction to others surrounding them, especially when using public transportation. Sometimes we don’t have enough time and a proper place to clean up ourselves almost immediately, and sweat appears.

I tried to explore how we can survive when this event occurs.

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