Project by Mazin Ali, Carolina Lasso and Hector Daniel Vargas’s under Profs. Uwe Gellert and Carmen Luippold

Living in our hectic society, it is hard to find a moment for oneself, to look inside or for introspection. As a means to escape we may turn to art, visit galleries and expose looking for that moment of silence, a place where we can have a deep BREATH and have a fulling experience.

Our project was created in this context. Looking for the ultimate experience we conceived the idea of a space that could become actionable, abstract and relational; that could enclose a set of experiences, expressions and actions. A space within a space within a space.


We want the user to experience something similar to a sensory deprivation, by slowly altering inputs in the form of AIR, pressure and temperature. Moving the perception of our senses back and forth between comfort and discomfort to find the silence in between.


Go back to Mazin, Carolina or Hector’s profiles or navigate through their projects or the projects of this class:


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