2012 Winter Semester

Here you can find a small summary of our classes during the 2012 WS.

STUDIO | Social Design
Professor: Alejandro Lecuna

Social Design and its possibilities was the main topic of this Studio. We took a look to our society back home and to the one we are in now to find some social problems that have the potential to be solved by applying Social Design projects. Each one of us started to work on different projects and during the semester, some of them were merged together. Go to the projects!

Professor: Bernd Hennig

The project was called “Remix” and “Déjà Vu” at the same time. Independent from the media we wanted to work with, we should make research about objects and concepts that could be put together in a new context. The outputs were two posters: one showing the point of departure and a second one to present and explain the remix. Go to the projects!

Professor: Uwe Gellert

We became familiar with sustainability and different approaches to it. We analyzed random objects around us and in groups, decided to work on different concepts related to sustainability. We worked on both research and project. In the end, each group came up with a research phase and a product related to the research as a result‪.‬ Go to the projects!

Professor: Frederik Eyl

It was interesting for all of us to get to know more about a new phenomenon in our century: the drones, their functions and diversities. Each student searched for possible ways in which drones could interfere in our life and offer different services. Go to the projects!

Professor: Sandra Giegler

Learning different ways of analyzing objects was one of the goals of this class. We went deeply through the book named Material Culture Studies for Designers, visited the Grassi Museum in Leipzig and the Berlin Museum of Things, to find out the common spaces between the theory and practice. For the final projects, we were asked to select one object from the each museum to analyze and write about them.‬ Go to the projects!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Free topic
Professor: Klaus Pollmeier

The class started during a small workshop in the photography studio‪.‬ Afterward, we reviewed the history of photography. Each student was supposed to find a topic to work on during the semester and while we took photographs, Prof. Pollmeier gave us invaluable advice. The topics were diverse enough to make the final exhibition exciting for the visitors. Go to the projects!

TYPOGRAPHY | Song visualization
Professor: Sarah Borchert

An experimental task to write Merry Christmas and to work on a project about our cities was the beginning to start playing with the possibilities of typefaces. The main project was to form teams and work on a song and to translate it into a typographic experience. Go to the projects!