2014 Summer Semester

What was going on in the Summer Semester of 2014? Have a look!

icon-studioss14STUDIO | Design Therapy
Professor: Carmen Luippold

Through the metaphor of medical therapy, the aim of this class was to develop design products based on the statement of generating wellness, improvement and comfort to the final user, through different design processes and techniques, like the anamnesis, and through analyzing different diseases or instabilities that our society faces. Go to the projects!

2D | Pop-Up Bauhaus Hotel
Professor: Brigitte Hartwig

Inspired by the work of Oskar Schlemmer as a Bauhaus stage master, the idea was to build a pop-up hotel for the students who visit and participate in the Bauhaus activities. The core of the concept was to allow the components of the hotel to be easily movable to other places. Go to the project!

3D | 100-10-1
Professor: Uwe Gellert

The task was to develop a design product on 3 different levels. A high-end version, another medium-luxury version made on 1/10 of the price and a basic version with 1/10 of the second price, all of them had to fulfill the same need. Go to the projects!

icon-4dss144D | Through your own eyes
Professor: Angela Zumpe

After reviewing the process of concept and storyboard construction, the task was to turn those cultural differences and experiences that surprised us or shocked us more when we first arrived in Germany into a short film, contrasting it with how is life in our home country, using the comparative form of narrative. Different animation techniques were used, including regular illustration animation to stop motion. Go to the projects!

icon-photographyss14PHOTOGRAPHY | Commercial / Artistic
Professor: Klaus Pollmeier

After a theoretical approach of how the camera, the lights and the colours work and a small workshop of how to treat different kinds of images in photography-specialized programs, we began to plan our photo sessions, either from an artistic or a commercial point of view. In the end, we had a little exhibition of our work, with very interesting outcomes. Go to the projects!

icon-metaplanss14METAPLAN | Structure of thinking
Professor: Hansjörg Mauch

We got acquainted and put into practice the German technique called Metaplan, which is a system for collecting ideas when a group of people are working together, covering the performance of moderators as well as the structure of thinking processes within the context of group work. It can be highlighted that problem solving and innovation are skills that can be deeply trained.

icon-typographyss14ADVANCED TYPOGRAPHY | Newspapers!
Professor: Sarah Bochert

With an emphasis on the technical part of using type and its interaction, we had to produce an A3 8-page newspaper, with free topic (fairy tales, news, stories…). We had to work on the naming and the lay-out. We were also introduced to the professional way InDesign is used in companies. Go to the projects!

icon-theoryss14DESIGN THEORY | Legacy
Professor: Joachim Krausse

The primaries and the essentials, the cores and the “mains”. We studied the process of learning and the development of clear, primary concepts and their influence in the contemporary world, especially in the art field. In the end, we wrote an essay about our own research and opinions on the topic. Go to the projects!

WORKSHOP | Peer Teaching
Professor: Severin Wucher

The goal of this class was to create different workshops according to our own background expertise, which were offered and approved as real summer-courses. We reviewed the abilities and needs to create useful activities for soon-to-be-designers: the HS Anhalt’s design bachelors. Go to the projects!

icon-designthinkingss14WORKSHOP | Design Thinking
Professor: Julia Leihener

We took the Design Thinking course to be more in touch with the methodology that is being used in the creative business nowadays. It involves practical and creative resolution of problems as well as creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. During this class, we could develop several projects that dealed specifically with the Data Literacy topic and how people deal with it.

icon-excursionss14WORKSHOP | Positive influences (Excursion)
Professor: Sandra Giegler

Which places had a strongly positive influence on the world, enough to make small or big changes? In this class and in our reach, we had a small excursion to the cities of Halle and Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and visited as well Wörlitz and the Bauhaus complex, to see the aspects and the characteristics of each place to generate a study of changes through design. Go to the projects!

WORKSHOP | Food Factory
Professor: Brigitte Hartwig

We have developed a “social tool” to bring people together for a common meal, through an overview of the amount of ingredients and the expenses that people who came to eat to our mobile kitchen, resulting in proposal donations for the food. Go to the project!


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