When it comes to being a freshly unpacked international student, a lot of questions are popping out of our heads. That’s why we decided to make this post: to try to answer all of them.


Q: What are the program fees?

A: There are two different fees you need to pay. One is for registration with the school and one is for the program itself. Both fees have to be paid each semester. The registration fee is 76€ in the first semester and 70€ for each following semester. The program fee also called semester flat fee is 800€. Both fees together (876€) have to be transfered together before the registration or re-registration deadline.

Q: What is the bank info to pay the fees?

The full amount goes here:

Beneficary: Hochschule Anhalt
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN: DE35 8100 0000 0081 0015 39
purpose: Student Number _ name, first name (for first semester students, please add applicant number)

for re-registration also add: RM and the year (example: RM2018)



Q: What is a WG?
A: WG stands for Wohngemeinschaft, which means shared living. WGs are really popular between students. You can share appartment or house with other international or German students, making life more affordable.

Q: Should I look for a furnished appartment?
A: Usually, and for saving some headaches, it is way better to find a furnished place. The German term is “möbliert”. With the change of country, the immigration papers process and school stuff, the last you have to worry about is to find where to sleep. Anyway, the chances are limited. So good luck!

Q: How can I look for accomodation?
A: There are a few Websites dedicated to find accomodation in Germany. Some of them are WG Gesucht, Immobilien Scout 24, Immowelt and Immonet.
Pay special attention to the fact that some of the ads specify a limited time for rent, say, 1 or 2 months and not the whole semester. Studentenwerk Halle also offers a very affordable student dormitories, however they are very limited and got fully-booked super fast. Make sure to try your luck applying their dorms as well 🙂

Q: Kaltmiete, Warmmiete, Nebenkosten… What’s all that?
A: Kaltmiete (KM) is the cost of the rent, Nebenkosten (NK) are the services such as heating, gas, electricity, water, etc.. Warmmiete (WM) is the Kaltmiete + Nebenkosten. Kaution is a security deposit that in most cases, equals 3 months of rent.

Q: How important is to have a housing contract?
A: It is absolutely VITAL. The housing contract, in German, “Mietvertrag” is a must to open, among other things, the bank account and to get the visa once you are in Dessau. So, as soon as you get a place, ask the tenant (Vermieter) to give it to you, signed.


Q: Where can I shelter myself during the first days?
A: There are several hotels, hostels and Gasthäuser for all the budgets. Some of the most famous ones near downtown are: City-Pension Dessau-Roßlau, Radisson Blu Fürst Leopold Hotel, Jugendherberge Dessau, NH Dessau and Hotel 7 Säulen. Nevertheless, more can be found using services such as Booking and, even a more convenient option can be Airbnb or Couchsurfing.


The first days, unless you have an international network plan, can be felt with e-isolation due to no network connection. The process of getting Internet at school takes a while, because you must get first your student ID and then scan it to send it to Mr. Krehan (the IT guy). This is because only students have access to the Uni’s WiFi… So meanwhile this happens, you can get FREE WiFi in Kaufland (supermarket), some zones in Rathaus Center (mall) and in Dessau Center (mall). If you don’t have luck with these places, you can walk to the Bauhaus Café or go to Café Hilde, to buy a coffee and ask for the WiFi password.


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