The MAID is the Master of Arts in Integrated Design. We’re an interdisciplinary international program of the Anhalt University Of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Anhalt), located in the city of Dessau, Germany. The Department of Design was established in 2002 and until now it hosts students from around the globe.

We see ourselves as a team, trusting that our backgrounds covering about 16 countries make our design world of colorful, complicated and fantastic. We all have different specializations like graphic, space, product and media design. Being in the MAID gives us the possibility to work in groups composed of experts in different disciplines, which is one of the best ways to develop a designer’s mind, empowering its creativity.

The aim of this blog is to get you acquainted with our activities semester after semester. So keep on visiting us so you can catch up with our results in the different projects. We also try to keep updated the news and events happening around the University, as well as our different sources of inspiration which keep us motivated to create, to give the final seal of being MAID IN DESSAU.